Tuesday, September 27, 2005

September MEDCAP

Earlier in September we conducted our first airlift MEDCAP to a remote village. To my knowledge, it's the most remote MEDCAP ever conducted by a task force based at Camp Bondsteel. The village was so small, there were no facilities to use so we brought our own shelters and furniture. It was another success in working with local professionals and providing care to those who most need it.

KFOR And TMK Helped Inhabitants Of Mountainous Village Çelik
16 Sep (Bota Sot) - On the framework of the joint activities and engagements of American KFOR, Tornado Battalion that is responsible for the security in Viti, and the 363rd TMK Brigade in Viti, in Village Çelik, in the zone of Karadak Mountains, the doctors of the American KFOR and the doctors of 40th medical battalion of TMK visited the inhabitants of this village and provided them with free medical care.

This medical visit that included general checkups of different medical nature has been made by two KFOR doctors, three doctors of the 40th TMK medical battalion, one doctor of health clinic in Viti, two doctors of the health care system in Zhegra and two pharmacists from the TMK, said for "Bota Sot", Colonel Mathew Raney.