Friday, February 25, 2005

MEDCAP part 2

More pictures from Feb 11...

Another home

A sunbathing beauty

A spring. Klokot was named for the sound the water makes when it bubbles to the surface. The dominant industries are related to water. Not far from here is a spa where they claim the water heals and a water bottling plant. In the field just out of view to the left is a natural pool where residents come to bathe. Those that don't have water in their homes come here with plastic bottles to fill. I'm told that when the snow melts I'll see a lot of garbage. In this area there were a lot of old plasic bottles littered around.

A pig rooting through the garbage near the spring.

A wood shed. Wood is the primary way of heating homes. There's a healthy black-market in cutting wood in Macedonia and selling it in Kosovo.

A hay loft.

Back at the school playground older kids and young men play soccer. The building with three doors in the background is the bathroom - no plumbing inside the school.

The kids' drawings in the school window.

One of the classrooms. Nobody cleared the room out for us to use... this is how it is every day. No books, no computers, no pencils, no paper. According to the documentation I have, this is one of the better schools in our area - only because it has electricity and a good roof.


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