Friday, February 25, 2005

Day one in Kosovo

The morning of my first full day in Kosovo, the outgoing Medical Operations team took me out for an area tour.

This picture is the Medical Operations NCO, translator, Medical Operations Officer. The translator has worked for medical team on the last six rotations and will continue to work with me. She's invaluable with her knowledge of the medical community, past work, and culture.

The school in Klokot where we had our MEDCAP (Medical Civil Assistance Program) on February 11.

This is the Vitina Health House. It's the main clinic in the Vitina Municipality and oversees the rest of the clinics in the municipality. The ambulance was donated by KFOR - it used to be an Air Force ambulance.

This is the third floor hallway in the Health House where the the maternity ward is located.

A toilet in the Health House. I've heard this style referred to as a Roman toilet.

This factory/warehouse is in a remote valley. During the war uniforms were made here.

We stopped for coffee at this cafe in a remote village.

In Klokot we pulled a truck from the ditch.


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