Friday, February 25, 2005

MEDCAP part 1

These are pictures I took of the MEDCAP and during a break on February 11th

Most of the kids were pretty friendly but turned aggressive if they thought they could get something from you... candy, food, a pen, clothing, etc. This cute little girl was probably the only well-behaved kid there.

The periodic table of the elements written freehand. I didn't see very many teaching materials. This is one of the few things that was created for use in the classroom.

I met the KFOR medical advisor:

The guy in uniform is a member of the TMK. The TMK is like our National Guard, except they don't have weapons. Their job is to provide services in time of need, so we use them to do patient admin and health screening before patients see a doctor, dentist or optometrist.

My medical operations NCO handing out candy to some kids before they became an unruly mob.

This is in the front hall of the school where a few people could wait to see the doctor. This generation dresses pretty traditionally. The school is heated by a small wood stove in each room. It was so cold out that the building was only slightly warmer than outside.

Despite how cold it was, kids were still running around without jackets, gloves or warm boots... probably because they don't own any.

At the entrance we posted our Red Cross flag. The little kid with me was intent on being in every picture taken.

This house is just across the street from the school. Every once-in-a while an old lady (in a scarf, sweater, skirt, apron and boots) would come out to feed the chickens.

This is down the street from the school. It's common to see corn stalks stacked like this.

A shot further down the street. Everyone seems to have a stone wall of varying quality to define their property. Even the poor looking ones are impressive.

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